Sunday, April 14, 2013

Decoding Feelings & Emotions...Time to change

This blog is an attempt to explain things happening around me and in the lives of billions of other people living on the planet Earth. Much has been said about how emotions and feelings play an important role in shaping our lives, I just want to put my experiences, emotions and feeling here to share with the rest of the world.

Human beings are creatures of "feelings and emotions" and we just can't simply ignore the stimuli responsible for making us do things that we keep doing repeatedly to justify our understanding of the world. Talking about human relations and web of connections, feelings and emotions, as per my understanding, are logical basis of our desires to connect with other people to share our experiences, emotions and feelings.

Decoding feelings and emotions could be difficult because of their circumstantial nature and frame of reference and different situations. But we can never ever give up.

Today i am starting a journey to explain the moments of happiness, sadness, darkness, anger, sorrow, grief, emptiness, and many other which are experienced by normal human beings. I am going to make an attempt to determine whether feelings,emotions can be controlled or not, whether we can suppress our feelings in a timely manner or not. I will also try to relate emotions and feelings with all aspects of our life and how our life actions depend upon our proper moods, feelings and emotions.

Our whole approach towards life could be explained through emotions and feelings. This is all this blog would be all about. We can live happy and satisfied lives if we can understand our emotions and feelings.

That would be all for the first blog post of this blog but i will keep you people posted about feelings, emotions and stuff related to life. Time to change.....